Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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RINA’s internship program with NTUA expands to new ambitious goals

Three years ago in 2019, RINA and School of Naval Architects & Marine Engineering (NA&ME School) of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), established a training synergy with the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding offering professional opportunities in the RINA working environment for senior students and young engineers of the NA&ME School.
Paolo Moretti’s CEO of RINA Services in a recent Press Conference at RINA’s Piraeus office commented on the long standing collaboration in training and research and NTUA and Michela Schenone, head of digitalization presented a Live Demo of RINA’s Fleet Operating Center launched in 2020 at the Piraeus office.
Katerina Palla, Head of training in RINA’s Piraeus described the functions of the Global Marine Training Centre.
Last but not least Stefanos Chatzinikolaou, head of RINA’s Research & Development commented on the progress of the training program in the sector of research.
The event opened Spyridon Zolotas Marine Southern Europe & Africa Area Senior Director of RINA who said that: “Every year RINA hosts between four and six senior students of the School of NA & ME who are trained alongside experienced engineers at the RINA office in Greece.
Overall, the training synergy figures from the internships programme and the MoU are: Participation by eighteen NTUA senior students since 2019, four additional on-the-job training positions, and four young engineers have (as of Sept 2022) joined the RINA family, two with part-time and two with full-term contracts.
RINA and NTUA have a long-standing cooperation in research. There are twelve ongoing and nineteen concluded European research projects that the two organisations are working/have worked on together in recent years (in the context of the European Commission HORIZON programme). SafePASS is the ongoing marine engineering research project that RINA and the NA&ME School are working on, together with other European partners. The project proposes revolutionary solutions for the safety of large passenger ships, a segment where RINA leads in the global classification market. The project relates to the training synergy by engaging young NTUA students from the internship and the MoU in its research activities.
Paolo Moretti, CEO at RINA Services, said: “RINA and the NA & ME School of NTUA have an established cooperation in research and training. We are pleased to offer opportunities for undergraduates and graduates to expand their knowledge alongside our technical personnel and support them in identifying directions in which they may wish to take their careers. This cooperation brings benefits to the school and to the RINA business, which is always looking for bright, new engineers to support its global network.”
Professor Georgios Zarafonitis, Dean of the School of NA & ME, at NTUA, said: “We have worked with RINA for many years in research and practical training, and we are happy with the results reported today. The experience our students are gaining within RINA is an excellent insight into the real world of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. We will continue with RINA and wish to strengthen this cooperation which can only benefit all parties involved.”
The event was concluded with a presentation of RINA's Fleet Operation Centre, a digital tool which provides shipowners innovative and timely services, optimizing their processes merging together information from class applications with tools and data from added value applications.

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